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Tigar Technical Rubber Goods




Production of the rubber technical goods program begins since the foundation of Tigar in 1935. From the aspect of this production, the period 1954-1959 is significant because at the time was based the prospective range of products by type and was created a development foundation for its future. The Company "TRTG" l.l.c. as a separate organizational entity within Tigar has existed since 1966. This year is significant because for the first time it begins with the production of balls, as the most famous product in the former Yugoslavia. After that, ´TRTG´ l.l.c. finds its place in the auto industry, mining and metallurgy. In 1989, there was performed a complete reconstruction of the factory hall, acquisition and installing of a new modern production line, and for their logistical support was made the reception and training of the qualified personnel. In 2009, the company was moved to a new location and started to work in the new facility, with the brand new infrastructure and modernized equipment. 

Today, Tigar Rubber Technical Goods has 86 employees, of which approximately 10% are engaged in the development and quality control. This reflects our commitment to achieving leadership position in Serbia and to further development of the program. The combination of skilled and motivated personnel, modern equipment, advanced technology and unsurpassed quality makes our company extremely dynamic and competitive. 

During four decades, Tigar Rubber Technical Goods become a respectable leader in its field and reliable business partner with high quality products. 

Factory ‘Tigar Rubber Technical Goods’ consists from the following organizational units: 
Administration of the factory ‘Tigar Technical Goods’
Two production programs
Maintenance service
Technical and technological development service
On 11.09.2015 there came about the status change of merger of this entity to the parent company Tigar a.d.


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.