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Pi Channel

RTV π Channel is a local media company, in which ownership structure is also involved Tigar a.d. 

In addition to radio and broadcasting activities and telecommunications, RTV π Channel is also involved in market and public opinion research, advertising and promotion services, as well as in publishing.
The focus of the program which is broadcasting since December 1999, on the 48th and 53 channel of the UHF area, aims to inform its spectators from the Pirot district. π Channel also offers a documentary, art, entertainment, cultural and scientific program.
A special segment is its own production (ethnic movies, series - "Old traditional customs and crafts from the mountain”, …), with which this media company achieved great success in many festivals in the country and abroad.
The strategic objective of the π Channel is to connect with other media companies, capacity building and monitoring of modern technical and technological achievements in this field. The RTV π Channel, in cooperation with GSSMediaKG from Vienna, broadcast on their IP television. After the introduction of the Internet radio, as part of future plans is the establishment of radio stations, as well as completion of the studio for music production. 

π Channel is open for cooperation in the implementation of programs, joint investments, and recapitalization
More detailed presentation of RTV π Channel can be seen at www.rtvpicanal.rs

Marijana Ilić, director 
Phone/fax: 381 10 313 833, 313 884, 210 0844. 
E-mail: picanal@tigar.compicanal@mts.rsoffice@rtvpicanal.rs 
Address: 22nd divizije 10, Pirot


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.