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Tigar Chemical Products plant




Tigar Chemical Products l.l.c. is the youngest plant within the corporation "Tigar". Products from the factory´s program date back to 1937 when the "Tigar Industrial Workshop, Dimitrije Mladenovic Gaga and company" began with the manufacture of adhesives for the needs of the internal production of rubber footwear. 

Until 1962, this production is only meant for internal purposes as a semi-product. By building new capacities, during 1986 the production was relocated from the factory, "Rubber Footwear" to a new location on which it is located nowadays. In 1990 has followed further expansion in the capacitive and personnel sense, and the previous work unit of the factory "Footwear" has grown into an independent factory "Adhesives". This is the moment when production for external markets exceeded the production for internal purposes. In 1998, the factory gets a new name: "Chemical Products", because in the meantime, besides the production of adhesives, there have been developed many new products for the manufacturing and chemical industries as well as for the household consumption. Since 2003, and according to a new corporate scheme, the plant began to operate as an independent entity under the new name "Tigar Chemical Products" Ltd. 

11.09.2015 – the status change of merger of this entity to the parent company Tigar A.D. 

Today Tigar Chemical Products LLC employs 18 employees, of which 3 with university degree. 
Procurement and sales is at the level of Tigar A.D.


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.