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Tigar Security

Tigar Security (Tigar Obezbeđenje) is among the most recently established companies of the Tigar Corporation. It was spun off from Tigar AD and began its operations on 1 January 2003.

We at Tigar have always striven to ensure the security of our assets and employees, and continue to invest heavily in this area. Today, Tigar Security is a contemporary organization with leading-edge technology, which employs professional and experienced personnel trained to conduct business in the areas of fire protection and physical security. Tigar Security also provides services to non-Tigar corporate entities, institutions, and individuals.

Business activity

1. In the area of physical security
- Physical security of individuals and property.

2. In the area of fire protection
- Fire fighting oversight and extinguishing of fires;
- Securing of welding, cutting and similar operations using open flames;
- Securing of dangerous and explosive work areas;
- Provision of professional and specialized tasks in the area of fire protection;
- Training of fire protection personnel; and,
- Servicing and testing of fire-fighting equipment, including:
- Inspection and re-filling of all types/sizes of fire fighting/extinguishing equipment,
- Hydraulic testing of vessels and pressurized containers,
- Water flow and pressure measurements, certification of hydrants, and
- Inspection of fire extinguishing hoses and nozzles.
Stanković Dejan
Managing Director

Tel. 010 30 42 85
Fax 010 31 31 41
E-mail: dejan.stankovic@tigar.com


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.