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The function of corporative management of Tigar AD is basically the management and administration in the subsystem of governance, functional subsystems, manufacturing unities and service, commercial and commercial-service companies within Tigar AD. 

The function of the corporative management is cohesive factor of the business system which, leaded by the Chief Executive Officer, his associate and his administration team, operates with business systems of Tigar AD and coordinates work of all functional units with the aim of realization of defined strategic goals, business plan and business policy. Through the institution of the Chief Executive Officer, chosen strategy, defined form of team work and integral approach to the quality and protection of environment as a business philosophy, The Function makes conditions for growth and development of society, realization of continuous profit, safety for employees and shareholders, as well as for the realization of social obligations. The Function coordinates affairs in the area of corporative communication, relations with the investors and affairs in the area of budgeting, financial planning and controlling.

Chief Executive Officer’s office 
Phone number: +381 10 313 121 
E-mail: kabinet@tigar.com

Controlling service 

Controlling service coordinates the affairs in the area of budgeting, financial planning and analytics and controlling. 

Inside of this service, the medium-term and dynamical monthly plans of the subsidiary companies and corporations are being made, analysis and forecasts of business and financial results are being prepared, the same as the reports about realization of monthly plans for the subsidiary companies, consolidated quartal results and annual reports for the subsidiary companies and company in general.

Manager of the Controlling service 
Dimitrije Milosavljevic 
Phone number: +381 10 30 42 14 
E-mail: dimitrije.milosavljevic@tigar.com

Quality service 

Quality service has a global policy for quality management, policy for environment protection management and policy related with heatlh and safety of employees, or in other words, it coordinates affairs in the area of integrated menagement systems. 

Quality service performs continuously recording and monitoring of the functioning of integrated management systems, and provides to the management information required for the review of the system and organization of corresponding corrective and preventive actions. It synchronizes activities related to external verification and assessment of integrated management systems. 

Quality service realizes the scope of work through:

  • affairs in the area of quality management
  • affairs in the area of environment protection management
  • affairs of managing health protection and safety at work
  • affairs of managing quality of raw and other materials
  • super control of quality of finished products according to the production units.

Manager of quality service 
Dragana Stamenovic-Pancic 
Phone number: +381 10 30 40 41 
E-mail: dragana.stamenovic-pancic@tigar.com


The function of commercial and marketing service consolidates all commercial actions related to the purchase and sale in the domestic and foreign markets. In the scope of this function are also affairs in marketing and logistics.

Marketing service 

Marketing team of Tigar AD enables market-oriented strategies of the company, in accordance with the strategic goals on the market of good and services. 

Marketing team promotes, develops and implements marketing concept in Tigar AD and is responsible for the management and coordination of marketing activities. It also represents a support for the Function of corporate governance in assessing the overall potential of the company. 

Within the marketing area are realized the activities in the field of market research, marketing implementation of product development and the creation of corporate identity and promotional activities.

Manager of the marketing service 
Marjan Avžner 
Phone number: +381 10 306 730 

Wholesale service 

Sales assortment includes:

  • Fashion, children, sports, safety, and general-purpose rubber footwear
  • Products made of recycled tires that are used as insulating constructing materials, for landscaping and arranging other exterior surfaces, for playgrounds, sports fields and other general purposes
  • Balls and sports equipment
  • Paints and glues
  • A wide range of products for industry, construction, road and railway
  • infrastructure, as well as glues for mining sector.

Manager of the wholesale service 
Zoran Markovic 
Phone number: +381 10 306 340 

Procurement department 

The scope of services in the procurement department include the following: arranging and organizing the purchase of raw and other materials, reserve parts and energy products, as well as providing information about the market of raw materials. 

Here is performed the purchase of raw and other materials for all three units, such as elastomers for general and special purposes, fillers, conditioners, accelerators and other raw materials for the smooth performance of the manufacturing process inside Tigar AD, and the purchase of materials necessary for energetics, technical fabrics, shoe material, auxiliary and packaging material and reserve parts.

Manager of the procurement department 
Tatjana Stancev 
Phone number: +381 10 306 330 

Service for logistics, storage and transport 

Logistics team of Tigar AD deals with the management of stock of goods and finished products through the process of storage. Goods are stored in two regional warehouses and two warehouses in Pirot. Logistics team performs the organization of international and domestic transport in the export and import of goods for the needs of companies and the organization of transport of finished goods and raw materials with Company’s personal vans, in the country and abroad, for the needs of the Company and third parties.

Manager of the service for logistics, storage and transport 
Vladan Pop-Krstic 
Phone number: +381 10 306 851 
E-mail:vladan.pop-krstic @tigar.com


Finance department 

In the scope of finance department are affairs of creating, maintaining and improving of systems that provide basic, current and developmental financial policy. It reflects in the following: 

1. Making of liquidity plan "Tigar" according to the plan of inflows and outflows of assets. 
2. Taking care of maintaining the liquidity of the company according to the actual inflow of funds and created obligations. 
3. Monitoring of collection of receivables and providing of appropriate records. 
4. Placing of surplus funds in accordance with the set policy. 
5. Undertaking measures for securing lacking funds and orderly returning the same. 
6. Undertaking measures for securing foreign currency assets according to already defined policy of securing foreign currency assets. 
7. Monitoring the changes on the accounts of organizational units in "Tigar" and collecting of necessary reports. 
8. Making of plan of investment and credit efficiency of the Company. 

Manager of the finance department 
Dragan Todorović 
Phone number: 010 30 42 41 

Accounting department 

Accounting department is responsible for recording all changes in assets of society, compiles monthly and annual financial reports on operations of the parent company and its subsidiaries. In accordance with legal regulations and business policy aims, it is provided: 

1. Analytical records of intangible and fixed assets, materials and small inventory, finished goods, goods - natural and in terms of value. 
2. Analytical records of customers, given and received advances, suppliers, receivables of workers. 
3. Calculation and submission of tax applications (tax on added value, corporate income tax, property tax). 
4. The report on the costs per place of production. 
5. Making of monthly and annual financial reports of the Company’s operations. 
6. Making of the consolidated annual report. 

Manager of the accounting department 
Aleksandra Đorđević 
Phone number: 010 30 41 20 


Function of the production process of development and investments is obliged to define strategies of investment development of the all parts of Tigar Group: strategies of development, of production processes, strategies of investment maintenance and of projects’ management. It is obliged to produce and distribute fluids, to organize everything, and it is responsible for central maintenance of the equipment, devices, installations and tools for production. This function also operates with real property and lands of Tigar Group. 

Service for Investment and Development 

Service for Investments and Development is responsible for the operating with all Company’s (Tigar AD) projects and investments. The responsibilities of this service are: the management of all construction and infrastructure works, architectural, mechanical, electrical and technological works, as well as the management of investment and economic and surveying activities. 

Regional and urban planning, Real Estate Cadastre and securing of projects with necessary documentation are also areas covered by the scope of the Service for Investment and Development. Special group of activities is related to the project of energy efficiency, which the company continuously conducts for many years.

Manager of the Service for Investment and Development 
Ljubinka Panić 
Phone number: +381 10 30 61 30 

Service of Real Estate and Land Management 

Service of real estate and land management is also a part of the Function. The scope of this service covers: the asset management, contract management, cost monitoring, appraisals, purchases and sales and all activities related to real estate.

Dragana Ristic 
Phone number: +381 10 30 63 74 

Working Unit of Energetics 

Working unit of energetics deals with:

  • - production and distribution of fluids (water vapor, compressed air and soft water) transformation and distribution of electricity
  • - distribution of water, preparation of cold water and controlling of wastewater
  • - maintaining of facilities, lines, networks and equipment
  • - controlling of carbon emissions and wastewaters

Manager of the Working Unit of Energetics 
Dragiša Tošić 
Phone number: +381 10 30 60 70 

Service for Central Maintenance 

Central Maintenance Service implements the investment plans of maintenance and investments, repairs equipment and tools, makes montage of new equipment, installs the same, implements control and defectation of the dismantled equipment, defines and monitors indicators of the process of the central investment maintenance, defines action plans to improve the process of investment maintenance, makes constant improvements to the equipment that will enable a higher level of product quality and greater safety during the work with the equipment. Central Maintenance Service implements maintaining and internal calibration of measuring equipment and measuring devices.

Head of the Service for Central Maintenance 
Zoran Igić 
Phone number: +381 10 30 61 11 


Function of support for business activities is obliged to create, maintain and improve the system and mechanisms of legal protection of interests and businesses of the Tigar Group, provides human resources necessary for the functioning of the business system, builds and maintains the information system of the Tigar Group, as the unique technological and information bases and finally, provides logistics to the Tigar Group.

Legal department 

The legal department is responsible for ensuring system and mechanisms for legal and regulatory protection of the company’s interest, the company's operations and its components, in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations, within the operating system and in its relations with the environment. 

The scope of services Legal department covers: 
- Regular monitoring of legislation and their changes 
- Normative embedding in normative acts of the Company 
- Preparation of meetings and certain decisions of the Company’s governing body 
- Representing companies in front of statutory authority for the protection of property rights in the country and abroad 
- Protection of the Company’s interest in terms of intellectual property rights 
- Preparation and review of the contracts

Manager of the Legal department 
Danijela Cenić 
Phone number: +381 10 30 40 05, +381 10 30 40 07 

Human resources and accounting department 

Human resources department and accounting department provide personnel necessary for the functioning of the system according to the strategic aims, business policy and plans. This department is responsible for the continuous analysis of the labor market and the needs of the business system, education, preparation, professional development and monitoring of personnel during their working life. Within the area of the division of labor, the most significant operations are: 
- Creation of strategies and working programs in the area of the human resources 
- Provision of the surveillance system and the control of implementation of the adopted strategy, working program and achieved results in the realization of business policy in the area of human resources 
- Creation and proposing of long-term human resources policy 
- Finding and applying motivating factors in order to stimulate the contribution to the realization of the plans 
- Organization and realization of the educational and training program 
- Cooperation with educational institutions and the ones for scientific research 
- Projection and organization of the system for monitoring the personnel 
- Projection and organization of rewarding and salaries system 

The scope of Human resources and accounting department includes the following activities: 
- calculation of salaries, calculation of salary compensations, calculation of other personal income, the regulation of taxes and contributions, submissions of tax reports, preparation of forms M4, evaluation of operations 
- receipt and forwarding of mail, technical maintenance of the administrative facility, maintenance of hygiene of the administrative facility 
- organization of transport and transport with the Company’s automobiles 
- performanse of archival activities

Manager of the Human resources and accounting department 
Slađana Jovanović 
Phone number: +381 10 30 42 79 

Information Technology service 

Information technology (IT) service is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the integral and informational system of Tigar AD, as the unique, technology and information basis which should provide the necessary information to the management team for effective administration. It is obliged to make unique and compatible information system which is able to be maintained and developed according to modern trends in the world. IT service implements operations from the defined scope of activities through two services: Service for planning and development and Service for installations. 

The scope of operations of the Service for planning and development includes: 
- planning and programming of the parts of Internet Information Services (IIS) 
- operational activation and the use of IIS elements 
- design of the necessary hardware and software selection 
- selection, creation and maintenance of databases 
- design, activation and maintenance of the application software 
- installation of the application software 

The scope of operations of the Service for installations: 
- Processing and data protection 
- Design of Telecommunications 
- Forming, maintenance, operative control and use of provading center 
- Electronic project menagement 
- Installation and maintenance of the equipment 
- Repair or replacement of the parts or whole elements of the system 
- Design, installation and maintenance of hardware and software components of LAN 
- Installation of the system software and application software

Manager of the IT service 
Miroslav Petrović 
Phone number: +381 10 30 42 20 


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.