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1935- Tigar is founded as a workshop for the manufacture of rubber products and all types of rubber footwear.
1959- The Automobile Tire Factory is established.
1966- The Rubber Accessories Factory is established.
1972- The first radial tire is produced.
1974- A licensing agreement with BF Goodrich (USA) is negotiated.
1977- The Inner Tube Factory is established in Babušnica.
1978- A joint-venture agreement with BF Goodrich is negotiated.
1981- Tigar Americas (USA) is established.
1988- The Adhesives Factory is established.
1990- Tigar Europe (UK) is established.
1991- Tigar is transformed into a joint-stock company.
1995- ISO 9001 standards are introduced.
1996- The licensing and cooperation agreement is renewed.
1997- A joint-venture agreement between Tigar and Michelin North America is negotiated.
2000- The licensing and cooperation agreement is renewed.
2001- A joint investment agreement between Tigar and the Michelin Group is negotiated.
2002- An agreement for the incorporation of a joint Tigar/Michelin/IFC company is negotiated. 
- A loan agreement between IFC and Tigar IFC is negotiated.
2003- A joint Tigar/Michelin/IFC company is incorporated. 
- Corporate re-organization of Tigar is implemented. 
- Introduction of ISO 14001.
2005- Additional investment in Tigar MH is made. 
- Harmonization with EU standards is implemented. 
- Tigar shares are issued and listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.
- Gradual exit from the tire program, along with the development of programs in control ownership
2006- Buying of a new industrial site Tigar III
2007- The first company on the prime market of BSE
2008- Launching of a new Tigar Rubber Footwear Plant 
- Acquisition of the safety program from the renowned manufacturer Hunter-brands Century, Forester and Firefighter
2009- Launching of a new factory Tigar Rubber Technical Goods 
- The acquisition of the Danish firm Bilgutex 
- Expansion of the industrial site Tigar III
2010- Launching the operation for production of finished goods from recycled rubber 
- Introduction of the OHSAS 18001 standard 
- separation of one part of the company Tigar Business Service into an individual legal entity Tigar Catering
2011- The status change of merger of Tigar Trade to the parent company Tigar a.d.
2012- Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate 
- Application of the new Law on Companies 
- Certification of the IMS system of quality management system, environmental protection and health and safety at work in Tigar Incon 
- Certification on taking part in the RASE project in Footwear 
- Innovation and supplement of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct 
- Difficult financial situation and the company’s illiquidity 
- Project of financial stabilization with DEG, German Development Investment Bank, with the support of Ministry of Finance and Economy
2013- Production was discontinued 
- Change in management and Supervisory Board of Tigar a.d. 
- Launching of production 
- Costs rationalization at all levels 
- Re-established business cooperation with foreign customers as well as with new foreign customers
- Transition from the Prime market to the Open market of Belgrade Stock Exchange 
- Blocked account of the Corporation 
- Adoption of the program of business and financial consolidation of Tigar
2014- Renewal of vehicles of Tigar Business Service 
- Change of business name of Tigar Protective Workshop to TI-CAR trade l.l.c. 
- Lifting of the block on the account with the support of Ministry of Finance and Economy as well as of the creditors and initiating the procedures of the Prepackaged Plan of Reorganization 
- Donation of boots to the areas in Serbia affected by weather disasters 
- Initiating the procedure of voluntary wind-up of Tigar Europe 
- The Prepackaged Plan of Reorganization for Tigar a.d. and Tigar Footwear submitted to the Commerce Court in Niš
2015- One million euros worth investment for the construction of rubber compounds factory 
- Recertification of the Integrated Management Systems in Tigar Incon 
- Tigar Rubber Footwear wins the award ‘Best of Serbia in 2014’ 
- The Prepackaged Plan of Reorganization of Tigar a.d. becomes valid 
- Merger of production entities: Footwear factory, Technical Rubber Goods and Chemical Products to the parent company Tigar a.d. 
- Certification of the Integrated Management Systems in Tigar Rubber Footwear 
- Tigar a.d. at the international Fair of Armaments and Defence Equipment 
- Tigar marks 8 decades of existence
2016- Opening of the factory for the production of rubber compounds 
- IMS supervisory control in the Footwear factory 
- Regular session of the General Assembly of the Shareholders of Tigar a.d. held 
- Appointment of new CEO of Tigar a.d. 
- Certification of integrated management systems in Technical Rubber Goods 
- Tigar a.d. received government’s Conclusion on conversion of debt into equity 
- There were subscribed shares of the V, VI, VII emission in Central Securities Deposit and Clearing House, in total 2.711.463 shares
2017- Based on conversion, there were subscribed shares of the VIII emission, in Central Securities Deposit and Clearing House, a total of 3.235.558 shares, which has led to significant changes in the structure of 10 largest shareholders


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.