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Social Responsibility

Tigar AD takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously and strives to be a respected member of society. It creates a caring environment through numerous donation, contribution and humanitarian activities which support societal needs in a number of areas. 

A healthy and secure environment is a prerequisite in our business development. A high level of environmental awareness is a basic element of Tigar´s culture. During the production process, Tigar AD maintains the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance, established by ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 standards, while also adhering to strict environmental principles at every step. Our priority is to prevent the pollution of the environment and we achieve this goal through judicious use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources, as well as the implementation of leading-edge technology for the removal of waste and by-products, as well as by efficient management of waste materials and waste from packaging. 

The indispensable segment of the business policy is the care of the employees´ health and safety at work, as confirmed by the introduction and certification of management systems related to health and safety at work, in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001. 

Plans are currently under way for the creation of a Tigar Foundation, whose primary goal will be to provide humanitarian aid to individuals requiring social or medical assistance. 

All requirements and initiatives, as well as proposals, questions and suggestions, please do send at the following e-mail address: csr@tigar.com.


Tigar, in cooperation with the Japanese company donated rubber boots to all users of the Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities "Sremčica", which cares about health, education, professional upbringing of over 300 children, primarily providing them accommodation and medical care.


Tigar patiently for decades, invests in its own staff. The institution of scholarships Tigar affirmed in 1959 is a result of the efforts to retain quality staff and employees in the Tigar and in Pirot. During this period the company has awarded scholarships to more than 1300 young people, of which a large number has realized their professional careers within the company.


Fully committed to corporate social responsibility, Tigar partnered with the RTV Pi Channel to implement a joint project and produce a documentary TV serial dedicated to children with special needs, titled Living With Us, Not Next to US. This serial is an outcome of Tigar’s efforts to contribute to social inclusion and is a continuation if our long-term association with two institutions in Pirot devoted to children with disabilities: the Mladost Elementary School and the Sunce Daycare Center.


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.