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Corporate Values and Strategic Orientation

1. Respect for employees - the reason why we consider our employees as the highest value of the corporation is comes out of challenges of the times that are behind and in front of us. 

2. Respect of customers - users of our products and services were and will be the basis of our existence and further development of the corporation as a whole and of its particular parts. We see them as finale judges in relation to results of our business and production processes and activities, and therefore, meeting the needs and expectations of our current and future customers shall remain as our primary responsibility. 

3. Respect for the owners – when someone voluntarily joined the fate of the company and at the same time took a particular personal risk is a fact that deserves respect. The support we receive from the owners is a sufficient proof that they want Tigar to further develop and live through. Consequently, with our engagement we are eager and willing to meet the expectations of owners. 

4. Respect of partners - the long tradition of tigar, characterized by a permanent development and improvement of its business performances, always meant building sustainable alliances, development of partnerships with all the relevant factors in the business environment. Tigar still remains open and ready for the establishment of new partnerships and improving of the already existing ones, based on clearly identified benefits for both sides, trust and mutual respect and openness. 

5. Attitude toward environment - by environmental aspects of our business policy and by the statement on environmental protection, we determined ourselves toward sustaining and further improving of the environment quality, fully aware of its stake in the overall quality of life. This is achieved through the optimization of production processes, quality products and services, controlled consumption of natural resources, especially energy and water, regular monitoring of performances of all aspects of environment and constant education with the goal to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection. 

6. Attitude toward society - tigar sees itself as a very responsible and active member of the society and it attempts to preserve such status and improve it the way it works, by its achieved results and projected plans. By the proactive relationship toward the social community, especially toward the local environment, we want to establish unity of purposes and interests and to improve the image of our corporation, as an active contributor to stability and quality of the society.


To operate as a corporation which respects the dignity and integrity of its members and partners, and truly contributes to sustainable development.