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NEWS: Tigar AD appointed New General Director

1935 - Tigar is founded as a workshop for the manufacture of rubber products and all types of rubber footwear.
1959 - The Automobile Tire Factory is established.
1966 - The Rubber Accessories Factory is established.
1972 - The first radial tire is produced.
1974 - A licensing agreement with BF Goodrich (USA) is negotiated.
1977 - The Inner Tube Factory is established in Babušnica.
1978 - A joint-venture agreement with BF Goodrich is negotiated.
1981 - Tigar Americas (USA) is established.
1988 - The Adhesives Factory is established.
1990 - Tigar Europe (UK) is established.
1991 - Tigar is transformed into a joint-stock company.
1995 - ISO 9001 standards are introduced.
1996 - The licensing and cooperation agreement is renewed.
1997 - A joint-venture agreement between Tigar and Michelin North America is negotiated.
2000 - The licensing and cooperation agreement is renewed.
2001 - A joint investment agreement between Tigar and the Michelin Group is negotiated.
2002 - An agreement for the incorporation of a joint Tigar/Michelin/IFC company is negotiated.
- A loan agreement between IFC and Tigar IFC is negotiated.
2003 - A joint Tigar/Michelin/IFC company is incorporated.
- Corporate re-organization of Tigar is implemented.
- Introduction of ISO 14001.
2005 - Additional investment in Tigar MH is made.
- Harmonization with EU standards is implemented.
- Tigar shares are issued and listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.
- Gradual exit from the tire program, along with the development of programs in control ownership
2006 - Buying of a new industrial site Tigar III
2007 - The first company on the prime market of BSE
2008 - Launching of a new Tigar Rubber Footwear Plant
- Acquisition of the safety program from the renowned manufacturer Hunter-brands Century, Forester and Firefighter
2009 - Launching of a new factory Tigar Rubber Technical Goods
- The acquisition of the Danish firm Bilgutex
- Expansion of the industrial site Tigar III
2010 - Launch of the facility for the production of finished products made from recycled rubber
- Introduction of the OHSAS 18001 standard
2015 - Tigar celebrates eight decades of existence
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